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Using social networks: DIU reveals how the Kremlin discredits the mobilization process in Ukraine

Bylim Olena

Using social networks: DIU reveals how the Kremlin discredits the mobilization process in Ukraine
Intelligence revealed another information operations

The Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine warned citizens that the Russian authorities are conducting another information operation against our country, which is aimed at discrediting the mobilization process.

In particular, the DIU drew attention to the fact that videos in which Ukrainian men are allegedly vacationing abroad and calling themselves "draft evaders" in a boastful manner are appearing on social networks (mostly on TikTok).

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"Such content quickly gains views and comments from the audience, both favorable and critical, but the discussions under these videos only push them deeper into trends. For such content, "folk" songs were created, in the texts of which the main message can always be traced, which is praising draft evaders," the DIU noted.

Intelligence pointed out that "the synchronicity of the appearance of numerous songs and videos that "heroize" men who refuse to stand up for the defense of their own country, the anonymity of their authors and the promotion of this content by organized groups of bots indicates a purposeful hostile propaganda campaign."

It is noted that Russian propaganda aims to cause a split in society, as if there are "defenders" in the country and there are "draft evaders".

"The purpose of such actions of the enemy is to disrupt mobilization and to increase tension in society due to internal confrontation. The Kremlin's propaganda does not stop trying to undermine Ukrainian society from the inside and to discredit the image of the Defenders of Ukraine, using any methods for this purpose," the DIU says.

Intelligence called for ignoring such information.

"We must always remember that we owe the opportunity to live and, in particular, to consume various content in social networks, only to the Defense Forces of Ukraine," the DIU summarized.

It should be recalled that Zelenskyy signed the laws on mobilization from the age of 25 and the electronic cabinet.

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