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Goals and principles of UAportal's work

Internet publication UAportal since its establishment in 2019 has been guided by the principles of objective, critical and independent journalism to cover events in Ukraine and in the world. UAportal employees adhere to the ethics of journalism, which has been formed in Ukraine for years and above all the publication serves the interests of society.

The priority in our work is respect to democratic values, human rights and freedoms, independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, the need for protection from any external aggression. Our information policy is always based on the protection of national interests and defends the positions of Ukraine and its people. UAportal takes into account readers' opinions and the editorial office always listens to objective comments and remarks regarding our work.

In our activity we are guided by the following rules:

Credibility of information, checking facts and sources:

Our editors, journalists carefully check the accuracy of information when publishing stories and clearly distinguish them from the thoughts and positions of individuals. In their work, the staff use both open and proprietary information channels to establish the reliability of facts and to analyse them. Material undergoes several stages of approval before being published.

Ethical norms

UAportal does not support any form of advocacy of violence, hatred or discrimination. Honor, dignity and privacy are key for us. That is why we do not tolerate offensive, xenophobic, racist, religious, slanderous remarks regarding sexual orientation, physical or mental illness, or any other kind of thoughts that threaten the honour and dignity of a person.


In our work we endeavour to present events in a comprehensive manner. We do this by involving experts from various fields in our commentaries and by publishing the opinions of professionals in their fields, so that the reader can objectively analyse a given situation and form his or her own view of it.


UAportal respects and adheres to the principle of privacy. However, in certain high-profile events we take the side of the public and reserve the right to publish data about public persons.


UAportal takes great care in its dealings with information sources and reserves the right to maintain the confidentiality of sources with whom we have an agreement. In all cases the source of the information should be broadly (taking into consideration each individual situation) presented in the material.

Policy on the Use of Office

Employees may not use their position for their own benefit or for the benefit of others.

Policy on Use of Social Media

The Company encourages its employees to use and update their own private social media accounts, both for contact with the public and for private purposes.

However, posts may not discriminate against individuals on the basis of race, colour, political, religious or other beliefs, sex, ethnic or social origin, property, domicile, language or other characteristics. It is not allowed to publish materials about incitement of interethnic or inter-religious discord, propaganda of violence, as well as justification and support of armed aggression against Ukraine.

Also, on their own pages, the staff members express their own opinions about the processes and events taking place in the world. Dissemination of the site's position in private accounts must be agreed with the editorial board.

UAportal formats


Prompt information about the event, which, in our opinion, is important to readers UAportal. The material must contain comprehensive information about the event with the facts available at the moment. With the obligatory addition of photos, video (if any) and indication of the source of information.


Material prepared by a journalist analysing an event/process and containing expert opinions and comments. The article contains infographics, photos, videos, documents (if necessary). The articles can be expert (with the involvement of specialists in their field) and editorial (presenting the position of the editorial office on the important developments). In some cases authors are allowed to use pseudonyms (for their own safety).


A conversation between UAportal journalists and a person of public interest. In selecting speakers for interviews, the editorial staff is guided by the importance and relevance of the topic and the person for our readers. We do not endorse texts (only if it concerns fact-checking) and reserve the right to remove from the text information that is humiliating and degrading to a person or that does not relate to the subject of the interview.

Blitz interview/commentary

A short conversation with a speaker on a hot topic.


Blogs of the authors with whom the editorial staff cooperates and trusts. Editors are not responsible for the content of blogs. The editorial opinion may differ from the author's.


Visual presentation of information, analysis of processes and trends.

Video reports/video interviews.

Recording videos by the web-site video team on urgent and important subjects.

Interaction with readers

UAportal works for its readers and is constantly improving to meet their information needs. The contacts section on the home page of the site includes an e-mail address where you can contact the editorial team.

We give readers the right to express their opinion about one or another event. Comments are moderated and those which humiliate honour and dignity, incite hatred in society, support aggression against Ukraine are removed.

Interaction with advertisers

The advertising materials which are placed on a site can be marked by corresponding symbol. The advertiser is responsible for the truthfulness and content of the advertisement.

Interaction with bloggers

We are solely responsible for deciding whether or not to host blogs on our website. In our choice we are guided by the authority and reputation of the person, the public interest in the ideas (thoughts) covered by the author.