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Getting acquainted with rum: the best varieties of the 'pirate' beverage

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Getting acquainted with rum: the best varieties of the 'pirate' beverage
Getting acquainted with rum: the best varieties of the 'pirate' beverage

Elite alcohol is now widely available. Even a small assortment of strong foreign drinks is presented in stores of the 'at home' category. But if whiskey is familiar to almost everyone, and many compatriots have tried it at least once, the situation with rum is not as favorable. Perhaps it's due to old prejudices (in mass culture, it's associated with cheap but 'robust' pirate alcohol) or simply because it's less prominent on store shelves than various types of whiskey.

Nevertheless, there are enough people today willing to try rum. What can be recommended to them? After all, the first impression will largely determine whether the drink enters the consumers' 'alcohol ration.'

We present to your attention the most popular rum brands, a good starting point for acquainting yourself with this beverage from Cuba.

Bacardi Carta Blanca

The primary raw material for making rum is sugarcane, which abundantly grows on island plantations in the Caribbean region with its unique climate. Bacardi is one of the most well-known brands, renowned for the excellence of its fermentation and distillation processes for sugarcane wash. Aged in barrels under American oak for one and a half years, Carta Blanca stands out with its transparent color (white rum is not very common) and has a light, subtle, but noticeable aroma of caramel, vanilla, and tropical fruits. It's an excellent drink for those who decide to taste rum for the first time.

Havana Club Anejo

As indicated by the name, this is a three-year-aged beverage and one of the most well-known representatives of authentic Cuban rum.

The distinctive feature of this alcohol is its mild, slightly sweet taste, complemented by notes of chocolate and vanilla. Connoisseurs may also sense subtle hints of pear, caramel, and smoky tones.

The drink can be enjoyed neat or in cocktails (the most famous based on it is the 'Mojito'). The alcohol is accessible to most buyers, with the price for a 0.5-liter bottle of rum being around 450 UAH.

Captain Morgan Spiced Gold

The most well-known brand in Ukraine with a recognizable label depicting a pirate leaning on a barrel of the beverage. Spiced Gold is a less strong alcohol compared to classic Captain Morgan, but its taste characteristics remain at a good level. It features hints of vanilla, oak, chocolate, spices, and dried fruits.

Drinks from this brand are often used to prepare various tropical cocktails.

Zacapa Centenario Solera Gran Reserva 23

For those who want to start exploring rum with an elite variety, we recommend paying attention to this brand. In a well-known and popular online alcohol market, a 0.7-liter bottle of 23-year-old aged beverage costs 2400 UAH. Its taste qualities are excellent, with a complex bouquet that includes various notes, from vanilla and apricot to tobacco and oak. The aroma is vivid, the color is rich, with a shade of dark red wood.