Is FAVBET the best bookmaker in Ukraine? We found out the opinion of experienced players

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Is FAVBET the best bookmaker in Ukraine? We found out the opinion of experienced players

Ask a thousand Ukrainian fans where they placed their first bet, and most of them will answer - "On FAVBET".

Founded in 1999, FAVBET was, without exaggeration, at the origins of gambling in Ukraine and did a lot to ensure that it eventually gained legal status in our country.

And even in the face of fierce competition, Favbet remains the leader of the betting market and one of the most popular licensed bookmakers. What is the secret? We asked experienced players of the platform about it and combined them in this short review.

A balanced offer

According to many players, FAVBET cannot boast of super-high odds or a strong line-up for less popular sports, but it successfully strikes a middle ground by offering enough interesting and profitable options based on high-quality analytics.

The same applies to the bookmaker's line - it is not oversaturated with "just in case" events, but it has most of the sports and competitions that users can expect from a leading bookmaker. Currently, FAVBET offers bets on more than 30 sports, including esports, as well as rather niche competitions such as darts and rugby.

Functional minimalism

Design is not the most important thing in a bookmaker's office, but it is often mentioned when it comes to FAVBET. Several years ago, the company rethought the design and interface of its platform, focusing on minimalism and restraint, which earned a lot of positive feedback from regular users. Navigation on the website and in the apps has become much easier, and the betting process is much simpler and more intuitive. At the same time, the bookmaker's functionality has not suffered and has even increased.

In general, FAVBET is attentive to the user experience and responds quickly to player requests. For example, a dark theme has appeared on the bookmaker's platforms, and the company has recently developed a lightweight mode for applications that allows them to work even in conditions of poor connection due to power outages.

Reliability and security

"Whatever questions I have about FAVBET, I know for sure that they worked yesterday and will work tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and a year from now," writes one of the company's long-time users. And this is perhaps one of the main advantages of this bookmaker.

Favbet has been operating for 23 years, which is why even the company's strongest critics agree that it is one of the safest places to place sports bets. The fact that the company has a valid betting licence adds to the confidence, which means that it is committed to fair play not only to players but also to regulators.

However, we cannot ignore the negative aspects mentioned by regular users. In particular, it concerns authorisation failures and payment delays. The company attributes these problems to regular blackouts and related technological challenges and promises to rectify the situation in the near future. Fortunately, the bookmaker has a high-quality support service that helps to solve both technical and financial issues. You can contact it both via online chat on the website and by calling the hotline.

In general, we can conclude that FAVBET is still in the top among Ukrainian users and is actively working to maintain its reputation as a leader: it was among the first to obtain a state licence, regularly updates its platforms, and attracts players with many lucrative bonuses and promotions. Of course, there are certain problems, but the company speaks openly about them and promptly eliminates them, which serves as an additional source of trust among players.