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Seizure of transport for the needs of the Armed Forces: who can be deprived of a car

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Seizure of transport for the needs of the Armed Forces: who can be deprived of a car
Confiscation of cars for the needs of the army

On April 11, the Ukrainian parliament adopted draft law No. 10449 on issues of mobilization and military service. It contains an article about seizing vehicles from Ukrainians for the purpose of handing them over to the Armed Forces.

The law states that during martial law, Ukrainians must provide their property to the Armed Forces and other military formations. As for transport, issues of car seizure will be dealt with by local state administrations, which will determine the volumes and types of transport that are planned to be seized.

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The extraction process itself will be carried out through the Territorial Centers of Recruitment and Social Support, the Security Service of Ukraine and the Main Directorate of Intelligence.

From whom and which car can be seized

The draft law provides for confiscation of cars from those citizens who own more than one vehicle. The assessment of the market value will be taken into account to select the car that is most suitable for the needs of the defense. However, citizens who have only one car are not at risk of confiscation.

The draft law also provides for responsibility for evading mobilization, but there are no rules for confiscating cars from evaders. Instead, the right to use a car will be restricted. In particular, an exception is made for people with disabilities or if driving is their main source of income.

Vehicles seized for defense purposes will not be sent to other regions or outside Ukraine. In addition, it is not allowed to transfer ownership rights, rent them or use them as collateral. After the end of the mobilization, the cars will be returned to the owners, and the resulting damages will be compensated according to the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers..

We would like to remind you that from May Ukraine will start re-passing the Military medical commissions for all those who were previously recognized as having limited fitness for military service.

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