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Sweden will transfer the latest Saab ASC 890 surveillance aircraft to Ukraine: how it will help air defense

Bylim Olena

Sweden will transfer the latest Saab ASC 890 surveillance aircraft to Ukraine: how it will help air defense
Saab ASC 890 surveillance aircraft. Source: government.se

Sweden announced the largest package of military aid to Ukraine. Its value is 1.3 billion dollars.

The website of the Swedish government says that Ukraine will receive the latest Saab ASC 890 long-range radar detection and control aircraft. Sweden will also transfer all of its PBV 302 armored personnel carriers and artillery shells.

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The assistance package includes:

  • Air Surveillance and Control Aircraft (ASC 890): These aircraft will significantly enhance Ukraine's capabilities against air and sea targets, enabling it to detect and engage targets at longer ranges.
  • Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missiles (RB 99-AMRAAM): These missiles, which can be used on both aircraft and ground-based air defense systems, will help Ukraine better defend itself against air threats.
  • 155mm Artillery Shells: These munitions will help Ukrainian troops counter Russian units on the battlefield.
  • Armored personnel carriers (PBV 302): Sweden will transfer its entire stock of these armored personnel carriers to Ukraine to help it form new brigades.

The package also includes financial support, satellite communications, maintenance, tankers and research.

Features of the Saab ASC 890 surveillance aircraft

These aircraft are equipped with long-range detection radars that can track both air and sea targets. They can also be used to coordinate airstrikes and other military operations. The transfer of these aircraft will significantly strengthen Ukraine's capabilities against aerial threats.

This advanced long-range radar detection aircraft has an Erieye radar that provides an all-round view and can detect air and ground targets at long ranges.

  • Cruising speed — 620 km/h;
  • Flight range — 2,700 km;
  • Detection range — 450 km.

ASC 890 will detect aircraft, missiles, air targets.

It will be recalled that one of the European states ordered hundreds of thousands of ammunition for the air defense system from the German defense concern Rheinmetall.

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