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Russia launches a combined attack on energy infrastructure in four regions of Ukraine

Anastasia Kryshchuk

Russia launches a combined attack on energy infrastructure in four regions of Ukraine
Another Russian attack on Ukraine's energy sector. Source: Defense Forces of Southern Ukraine

On the night of June 20, the Russian occupiers launched another missile attack on Ukraine. Energy infrastructure facilities in four regions of Ukraine were attacked using Shahed drones and cruise missiles.

This was reported by the Air Force.

According to Ukrenergo, Russian terrorists launched a massive attack on Ukraine's energy infrastructure at night. The attack damaged equipment in Vinnytsia, Dnipropetrovs'k, Donetsk and Kyiv regions.

According to DTEK, the enemy also attacked one of their thermal power plants, injuring three employees. The plant's equipment was severely damaged, and power engineers are now working to eliminate the consequences of the attack.

Consequences in the Dnipropetrovs'k region

Serhiy Lysak, the head of the Dnipro Regional State Administration, said that men aged 30, 41 and 63 were injured in the attack. Two of them were hospitalized in moderate condition.

In the Nikopol region, 7 private houses, 5 outbuildings, cars, power lines, and construction equipment were damaged by Russian terror.

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A hit was recorded in Vinnytsia region

The head of the Vinnytsia regional administration, Serhiy Borzov, said that a hit was recorded during the Russian attack in the region.

"The enemy attack resulted in a hit to a critical infrastructure facility. There are no casualties. All necessary measures are being taken to eliminate the consequences," he said.

An explosion occurred in Zaporizhzhia region

The head of the Zaporizhzhya Regional Military Administration Ivan Fedorov said that an explosion occurred in the region at 03:42.

Air defense system was working in Kyiv

The Kyiv Regional Military Administration reported that the Air Defense Forces were working on enemy drones. Kyiv Mayor Vitaliy Klychko said that the military were working on the left bank.

Later, the Kyiv City State Administration informed that the Air Defense Forces destroyed all enemy targets on the outskirts of Kyiv.

"At the moment, no damage or casualties have been reported in the capital (the data of the operational summary is being updated and clarified)," the Kyiv City State Administration summarized.

What the enemy used to attack and how many air targets were hit

It is known that the enemy used nine air- and ground-launched missiles, as well as 27 Shahed-type attack UAVs.

The Air Defense Forces shot down five missiles (four Kh-101/Kh-555 and one Kh-59) and all the drones, said Mykola Oleshchuk, commander of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

According to him, the strike was aimed at critical infrastructure, with the main focus on eastern Ukraine, in particular Dnipropetrovs'k region.

Russia launches a combined attack on energy infrastructure in four regions of Ukraine
Approximate route of missiles and UAVs during the night attack by Russia. Source: Monitorwar

On the night of June 14, Russia launched a combined attack. Explosions were heard in Starokonstantinov, Kyiv region and Zaporizhzhia.

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