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Putin expresses his desire for peace talks with Ukraine once again, naming Russia's key interests

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Putin expresses his desire for peace talks with Ukraine once again, naming Russia's key interests
Will there be negotiations with the Russian Federation

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin has assured that he is not against peace talks with the Ukrainian side. However, he demanded that these negotiations be conducted with the Kremlin's interests in mind.

The Kremlin's website published an interview that the dictator gave to the Chinese news agency Xinhua. It includes a quote from Putin,

"We want a comprehensive, stable and fair settlement of this conflict by peaceful means. And we are open to dialogue regarding Ukraine, but these should be negotiations that take into account the interests of all the countries involved in this conflict, including our interests. Together with a serious conversation about global stability, about security guarantees for the opposing side and, of course, for Russia. And these must be reliable guarantees."

The head of the Kremlin assures that Russia is always "ready for negotiations" and that it allegedly almost reached certain agreements in Istanbul in the spring of 2022, in particular, at that time, within the framework of these agreements, the Russian army was asked to "voluntarily" withdrew from the occupied settlements of the Kyiv region.

At the same time, the dictator accused Ukraine and its Western partners of avoiding a dialogue with the Russian Federation. "They are not ready for an equal, honest and open dialogue based on mutual respect and consideration of each other's interests... Instead, the Western elites persistently try to "punish" Russia, isolate and weaken it, supply the Kyiv authorities with money and weapons. They introduced almost 16 thousand unilateral illegitimate sanctions against us. They are trying to dismember our country illegally. They turn a blind eye to the revival of Nazism, to Ukraine's terrorist acts on our territory," he said.

It should be recalled that earlier President Zelenskyy explained why he considers negotiations with the Russian dictator impossible.

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