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Who lost the right to deferment from mobilization due to the new law: details

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Who lost the right to deferment from mobilization due to the new law: details
Postponement of mobilization

From May 18, 2024, a new law on mobilization No. 10449 entered into force in Ukraine, which provides for changes in the rules of deferment for some categories of conscripts.

The law stipulates that the right to deferment will be lost by students who obtain a second education, which is not higher than the first. For example, a graduated bachelor who is re-studying for a bachelor's degree will no longer be eligible for a deferral.

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The postponement will also be lost:

  • Teachers of colleges, universities and schools who have less than 0.75 rates at one place of work.
  • Parents of three or more children who have child support arrears for more than three months.
  • Men who independently raise a child under the age of 18, if the child's mother is not deprived of parental rights, is not dead, does not have the status of missing or unaccountably absent, is not in prison.
  • Men who have a father-in-law or mother-in-law with the I or II disability group, but at the same time they have a son or daughter who is not conscripted.
  • Men whose wife has the III group of disability.

Importantly! The law nevertheless provides for the possibility of a postponement for husbands whose wives have the III group of disabilities, if they require constant external care. This must be confirmed by the conclusion of the medical advisory commission.

In addition, the deferment is removed from employees of enterprises, institutions and organizations of the Ministry of Defense. Instead, they will be subject to reservation rules.

We will remind, the DPSU said how the departure abroad for conscripts will change from May 18.

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