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What a cool way to spend a day in Brovary with a Cikera tasting and a visit to the museum

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What a cool way to spend a day in Brovary with a Cikera tasting and a visit to the museum
The diverse and hospitable city of Brovary. Source: https://uk.wikipedia.org/

Brovary is considered a suburb of Kyiv and a good stop on the way to the airport. Those who have walked through the city at least once have realized that it is a fairly modern, developed and active environment where you can spend an interesting day or all weekend. Parks, water park, restaurants, brand stores, sports fields, bowling alleys, theaters, shopping centers - the list can be continued endlessly. The city follows gastronomic and entertainment trends, so you will hardly feel like you are in the suburbs. If your week is loaded to capacity, choose one day off and go to Brovary for impressions.

What a cool way to spend a day in Brovary with a Cikera tasting and a visit to the museum
Victory Park in Brovary has many great locations for recreation and photo shoots. Source: @zeft.in.ua

What to include in the walk

In spring and summer, the Brovary parks are filled with entertainment and fragrant decorations, so choose one of the green locations to enjoy nature and start your walk with a coffee.

Victory Park is the largest landscape location in the city with a lake, scenic bridges, sculptures and playgrounds. The park has a SkyPark rope park.

Pine Park is a great location for a romantic walk or a walk with your pet. There is a separate walking and training area for dogs. There is a children's and sports ground, many recreation areas.

Shevchenko Park is a small, cozy place where everyone can find their own romantic bench or morning coffee while the children are busy with the Ukrainian-style playground.

Molodizhny Park - a green zone is constantly being improved and filled with various entertainment activities on weekends. In the park you can drink coffee, ride bicycles, skates or rollerblades.

What a cool way to spend a day in Brovary with a Cikera tasting and a visit to the museum
Tasting Sikera in the Brovary honey farm. Source: https://www.facebook.com/

Impressions in Brovary

Among the large selection of entertainment, museums or gastronomic tours, it is worth paying attention to such interesting locations

Honey farm "Honey Spas"

You can arrange a delicious, exclusive tasting and drink healing drinks to replenish your home bar at the brewery and mead house. The company started as a startup, and now has its own established production, regular customers and excellent reviews. It is here that you will be able to taste, before buying, the ancient alcoholic drink Cikera. During the tasting, you will learn about all stages of production and try 6 types of drink. Tastings are held by appointment, so you should worry about the time in advance.

cafe21.3 is a unique cafe where you can have delicious and healthy food, as well as do a good and sunny job. Salads, desserts, burgers with fries and a good mood for the whole day await you.

Museum of historical weapons

The second location that will remain in your memory. A unique private museum was created thanks to the enthusiasm of its owner. You will see rare weapons collected from all over the world. There is a Buddhist ritual weapon against evil spirits, an ancient sword with incredible drawings of dragons and mysterious inscriptions. Don't miss the only bacinet in Ukraine from the era of Vytautas and the helmet of the Roman legionnaires. The museum hosts various thematic exhibitions, which will also be interesting with their artifacts and information.

What a cool way to spend a day in Brovary with a Cikera tasting and a visit to the museum
Fun descents in the Brovary water park. Source: https://trc-terminal.com.ua/

Water park in the Terminal

You can go shopping, have fun on the slides, relax in restaurants and enjoy go-karting, bowling, laser tag and movies in one location. The Terminal shopping and entertainment center is full of modern and interesting activities for the whole family. The water park is a separate entertainment, where both children and adults can have fun all day among the waves and palm trees. Standard entrance tickets to the Aquapark cost UAH 500 for adults and UAH 400 for children. It's worth looking into promotions and group visits to make the price even more palatable. At all locations of the Terminal, you can order the celebration of any of your important dates. The comfortable Langhouse hotel operates on the territory of the shopping and entertainment center.

What a cool way to spend a day in Brovary with a Cikera tasting and a visit to the museum
Comfortable stopover in Brovary, Hotel Langehaus. Source: https://trc-terminal.com.ua/

Where to stay in Brovary

Brovary has a large selection of hotels from budget to super comfortable. Quality hostels and premium-class hotels will provide additional entertainment and experiences.

Hotel Landhaus is a stop in the heart of entertainment. Located on the territory of the shopping center, the hotel offers an absolutely capsule vacation with a swimming pool, bathhouse, sauna and a selection of food. The price per room ranges from UAH 1,600 to UAH 2,500 per day.

Hotel 7/24 - convenient and comfortable rooms with additional services. The hotel operates on the principle of "bed and breakfast", has a swimming pool on the territory and offers full meals on the territory. The price of the rooms is from UAH 830.

Hostels in Brovary

Hostels in Brovary offer fairly modern and clean accommodation. Their conditions are approximately the same, from bunk beds to small separate rooms. The kitchen is shared, the shower can be both in the room and shared. The cost of a stopover per person starts at UAH 250/day.