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Traveling is the ultimate relationship test. Alarming statistics you will NOT get into after reading this

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Traveling is the ultimate relationship test. Alarming statistics you will NOT get into after reading this
Traveling across Ukraine together. Source: Photo: Andre Furtado/Pexels

It's not just renovations that can cause a divorce. According to The Independent, 60% of couples surveyed openly emphasized that they determine the future of their relationship during their first vacation together.

A study commissioned by Tui Blue also proves that the first trip together becomes a decisive point, or the beginning of a strong union, for a third of couples, according to Ukrainian media.

What couples fear when traveling together

By converting the biggest fears of couples into percentages, Tui Blue found that:

  • 29% of couples are afraid of sleeping together and their partner's snoring;
  • 29% of couples are afraid of disturbed metabolism (gases) both in themselves and in their partner;
  • 26% of couples are afraid of discovering their partner's untidiness in using a shared bathroom and toilet;
  • 13% of couples are concerned about their partner's communication with parents or relatives every day.

Speaking in terms of age categories, experts say that the 18-35 age group is more likely to decide to take their first long vacation together to test the future of their relationship and not waste time with a partner who turned out to be "unsuitable" for personal reasons. The situation is quite different for those over 56 as they give their relationship up to six months to start spending a lot of time together on vacation.

Traveling is the ultimate relationship test. Alarming statistics you will NOT get into after reading this
Listen to expert advice for a successful vacation together. Source: Dương Nhân/Pexels

What relationship experts say

Marriage and relationship therapists and psychologists can confirm that the first trip together can be very stressful, even leading to a breakup. Paul Brunson, a relationship science expert, states,

"Taking the first trip together is an exciting but nerve-wracking step for most young couples... There may be anxiety about spending so much time with each other that it may reveal potential annoying or unusual habits to each other... or worse, 'bad' ones.

Your partner's hotel habits can be a great relationship catalyst and a great "shoreline" to identify things to look out for right away and consider whether you're ready to put up with them or re-educate them.

Traveling is the ultimate relationship test. Alarming statistics you will NOT get into after reading this
Get rid of most potential quarrels while traveling together. Source: Vera Arsic/Pexels

Unexpected quarrels

Differences in personalities, upbringing, and established life principles can be a real challenge for young couples on their first trip. Scattered socks, hair in bathroom sink, a window left unlocked at night: who knows what you won't like. A study by Hotels.com, cited by Fodor's, found the 5 most common reasons for quarrels on vacation:

  • Using the minibar. One of you may be quite frugal, so it's better to agree on the use of this "gem" in advance. Alternatively, take an all-inclusive vacation and cross this issue off your vacation.
  • Mess in the room. Of course, there is housekeeping, but no one will touch your personal belongings scattered around the room. A messy room is one of the most common reasons for quarrels. When entering into a relationship, you need to remember that this is a team game, which does not mean doing something for your partner. It is better to take care of your partner by taking care of yourself and your things.
  • A lot of belongings. You have to be prepared for your partner to rush to the airport with a million suitcases, bags, and a life preserver around his neck. Many people like to use their own bedding or a pillow in the hotel room. Some people take their favorite cup with them, and others bring a huge stuffed pony they can't sleep without. There are some things you will have to accept in your partner.
  • Shifting responsibility. It's a pity when two people come to vacation and only one of them is resting. The other half turns into a "slave". Of course, no one should be pampered, but it should go both ways. Make sure that each of you has a room key and that there is a waiter by the pool to take care of your vacation together.
  • Unpacking luggage. How can this be a problem? Research has shown that immediate unpacking of luggage is a frequent sticking point. One partner wants to go to the beach in a swimsuit right away, while the other won't calm down until things are on the shelves and in the drawers.

If you have a lot of principles or habits, make sure that your partner is comfortable with you and that most of the issues are solved by the hotel services.

Traveling is the ultimate relationship test. Alarming statistics you will NOT get into after reading this
A successful trip together is in your hands. Source: juan mendez/Pexels

What to do to avoid getting into the divorce statistics

Ditching the trip altogether? Of course not. The success of your trip begins with planning. Since the ability to find a common language, give in, or defend your own is a skill, we start training and testing together.

  • Choose a travel destination where there will be plenty of activities that you both enjoy. Don't drag your partner to a tropical island if they are allergic to the sun.
  • A surprise trip is the most dangerous decision if you don't know anything about your partner. Don't make this mistake, it can ruin the beginning of the relationship right away.
  • Before planning, discuss the pace of your vacation. Some people want to hike in the mountains every day, while others are happy to lie by the pool all day.
  • Find out in advance where your partner has already been and what they dream about. Discover what adventures he or she has had while traveling because they may happen again.
  • If your partner likes to relax with alcohol on vacation, check their behavior before the trip so that you don't have to blush and spend the vacation trying to figure out your relationship.
  • Discuss the budget and who pays for what. Take a small amount of personal money with you. Thus, you reduce the chance of being held hostage by circumstances.
  • Do not ignore the details that annoy you while traveling. The more honest you are at the beginning, the greater the chance of not breaking up in the future.
  • If you don't know anything about your partner yet, except for their name and what they have told you (without proof), take care of your safety. Provide your family with detailed information about where, how far, and with whom you are traveling. Keep in touch with a friend or relative.