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Deputies allowed the mobilization of convicts into the Defense Forces

Bylim Olena

Deputies allowed the mobilization of convicts into the Defense Forces
Adoption of the law on the mobilization of convicts. Source: t.me/yzheleznyak

On May 8, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine as a whole adopted the Law on the Mobilization of Convicts 11079-1. 279 people's deputies supported the initiative.

People's deputy from the "Golos" faction, Yaroslav Zheleznyak, reported that "anti-corruption risks, which were emphasized by the anti-corruption committee, have been partially removed."

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"In particular, the right to mobilize from prison has been removed for deputies and some top corruptors (with exceptions), as well as those guilty of serious crimes (such as murder, rape)," the people's deputy added.

According to People's Deputy Oleksiy Honcharenko, the Verkhovna Rada allowed some categories of prisoners to mobilize to the ranks of the Armed Forces.

"Prisoners for minor crimes should be given the right to defend their homeland... Convicts should be given the opportunity to fight if they want. Important!!! Those convicted of serious intentional murder, rape, sexual violence, crimes against the foundations of national security will not be mobilized ", he noted.

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