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Budanov predicted in which region of Ukraine Russia would launch a counteroffensive

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Budanov predicted in which region of Ukraine Russia would launch a counteroffensive
Kyrylo Budanov about the Russian offensive

The head of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine Kyrylo Budanov believes that the offensive of Russian troops on the Kharkiv region will last less than a week. The occupiers will advance in the direction of the Sumy region.

As The New York Times reports, the head of the DIU considers the situation in the war to be almost critical. "The situation is on the brink... Every hour this situation is getting closer to critical," Budanov's words are reported by the publication.

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He believes that the tactics of the occupiers are to divert the already insignificant reserves of Ukrainian soldiers from fighting in other directions.

According to him, the Ukrainian army is trying to strengthen the defense in the northeast, but the number of forces is insufficient.

"All our forces are either here or in Chasovoy Yar... I used everything we have. Unfortunately, we don't have anyone left in reserve," added the head of the DIU.

Budanov believes that the Defense Forces of Ukraine can strengthen their lines and stabilize the front, but Russia will launch a new attack north of Kharkiv, in the Sumy region.

Military experts and Ukrainian officials testified in a comment to The New York Times that the occupying forces were currently advancing more often on weakly defended and almost deserted territory, which is why their advance was rapid.

"The border in northeastern Ukraine has been subject to regular shelling by Russia throughout the war, which has made it difficult to establish fortified positions and forced many civilians to flee. With all that, Russian troops are approaching more populated areas, and the fighting may intensify," the newspaper writes.

Kyrylo Budanov believes that the activity of Russian troops in the northeast was intended to sow panic in the region.

"For now, our task is to stabilize the line and then start pushing them across the border," he said.

The head of the DIU expects that the attacks in the Kharkiv region will continue for another three to four days, after which it is expected that the Russian troops will launch a powerful offensive in the direction of Sumy.

We will remind you that the Defense Forces destroyed a column of enemy equipment and infantry on the Kharkiv sector of the front. The forces of the units of the Third Assault Brigade and the adjacent 66th separate mechanized brigade, 77th Air Assault Forces brigade destroyed the enemy's turtle tanks and BMP-2. The occupiers were defeated by swarms of attack drones and brigade artillery.

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